“Dying hair coloring hair” often, how dangerous is it?

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Dying hair coloring hair” often, how dangerous is it?

Especially with technology to change hair color is easy. and more convenient can done at the shop You can buy it and do it yourself at home. thus making the hair color change more satisfying

“Dying hair – coloring hair” often, how dangerous is it?

Information from Dr. Sakunee Nirunwichaya, a specialist in dermatology at Samitivej Hospital, stated that  frequent dyeing of hair can cause harm to the body as follows:

  1. Stimulation of white blood cells may occur. causing inflammation or a rash that is allergic to touch 
  2. substances in hair dye The more intense the color. The more it causes allergic reactions.
  3. Hair dyes that contain resorcinol and paraphenylene diamine PPD should be avoided in large quantities because of the risk of contact dermatitis.
  4. If you have problems with the skin on your scalp, such as wounds and dandruff, you should avoid coloring your hair. Because hydrogen peroxide is often in hair dye. May irritate the scalp even more.

Symptoms of contact dermatitis

Dr. Raswat Deesom, a specialist in psychology Chulabhorn Medical Center Chalermprakiat stated in ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.com That if there is an allergic reaction to the chemicals in the hair dye. There may allergic contact rash. which can be found as follows

  • swollen, red, itchy scalp and skin around the scalp
  • May cause hives or blisters
  • The symptoms came on suddenly. Within no more than 24 hours after exposure to the same chemical

If you have such symptoms Should see a doctor for a diagnosis. and properly maintained

Hair dye, cancer risk?

In the past, about 20-30 years ago, hair dyes might contain quite dangerous chemicals. But it can be a carcinogen. But nowadays, the chemicals used in the hair dye are quite safe and up to standard. Therefore ensuring that no such carcinogenic substances found anymore. But there is still a risk of harm from an allergic reaction to KT in some people anyway.

How often do you dye your hair? Dangerous – safe?

Currently, there is no research report that clearly states. That No matter how often you dye your hair, it is actually harmful to your body. But it is recommended to color your hair 1 time and rest your hair for 3 months. Before you can start coloring your hair again. (In the case of hair coloring, permanent and semi-permanent hair. That has been through heavy chemicals) and during the break, the hair should be nourished by using conditioner after every hair wash. and reduce the use of heat on the hair including the scalp

How to take care of your hair and scalp properly

  1. clean hair And scalp with products that are suitable for our hair condition such as shampoo that focuses on nourishing dry hair, colored hair, eliminating dandruff or reducing oiliness on the scalp, etc.
  2. Do not use hot water to wash your hair. because it may cause hair and the scalp is too dry
  3. wash your hair every other day or every other day coloring hair To maintain the cleanliness of the hair and scalp without causing hair loss. and the scalp is too dry
  4. Avoid blow drying your hair with heat. because it may cause hair and dry scalp and is easily destroyed
  5. Eat food that nourishes the hair. Especially foods that are high in protein such as soy milk, eggs, beans, meat, as well as foods that are high in iron such as green leafy vegetables and organ meats, etc.
  6. stop smoking Because cigarette smoke can make hair brittle and break easily. and increase the risk of gray hair
  7. Don’t color your hair too often. to reduce interference and destroy hair and scalp too