Frenkie whines at unfair criticism.

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Barcelona midfielder Frenkie de Jong sees the harsh criticism directed at him lately as unfair to him. Frenkie whines Barcelona’s Dutch midfielder Frenkie de Jong told ‘NOS’ on Sunday. That the harsh criticism directed at him was unfair. After being caught in a very special mistake. 

The 24-year-old has become the scapegoat for more criticism than many Barca players over Barcelona’s poor form. Despite the fact that the Dutchman will be underperforming. But Frenkie believes that it was very unfair that he was particularly eye and subjected to harsh criticism. 

‘You were very good today or you were very bad.’ said Frenkie, ‘I like football, so I read the newspaper too. I realized that a lot of people were talking.’

‘Sometimes I feel like they’re not actually UFABET watching the game. Or they watch and listen to opinions from critics and analysts. If everyone imitates There will be an atmosphere that makes things worse.’

‘I’m not playing bad. Although I didn’t reach my highest level often that season as well. If you play smooth It might be better but for some It immediately looked bad’ laments the Dutch midfielder Frenkie whines.

Leader in the team

Xavi values the responsibility of the Dutch but. Especially, that do not fear to hang chevrons and assume the leadership of the team when it was necessary. Even in some occasions, has rebelled against the present. As when it censored publicly the euphoria for playing well in front of the Madrid in spite of falling defeated. “Against the Real Madrid do not play badly. But gives me penalty say that we are proud. When you lose always you have to be disappointed” soltó without