Mikel Arteta has told Alexandre Lacazette’s future as vice-captain

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Arsenal head coach Mikel Arteta has told Alexandre Lacazette’s future as vice-captain that everything is open about a new contract. But even if that didn’t happen, the Frenchman’s forward was always in good shape.

Lacazette plays with the final year of his contract with just nine months remaining, and by 2022 he can agree in advance with foreign clubs to move into free-agent laps. 

Amid speculation the 39-year-old boss doesn’t like Laga’s style, he only had to keep it out of last summer due to his team-mates’ respect. I want to help support the dressing room first. 

Recently, Arteta has clarified the future of the Frenchman shooting star. That there is still hope for a new contract. just not a guarantee.

“We are discussing the matter internally. and then revealed to him directly.” The Spanish boss used a statement of readiness before meeting Spurs. 

“There is still a long season ahead of us. Anything can happen. everything is open He just needs to focus on creating and contributing to the team as before.” 

“That guy’s personality is bouncing. One of the people who always pushes and takes a serious interest in helping the team. That never changed Let’s wait and see what happens from now on.”  

Arsenal’s strategy is to build a young talent, and Lacazette is out of that qualification as he has been playing for 30 years. According to reports by ufabet