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Diseases in which you should not eat too much garlic.

People in this group should be careful about eating excessive amounts of garlic. Including garlic extract. Because it may affect illness symptoms as know follows: People who have an allergic reaction Both people who are allergic to the smell and allergic to the substances in garlic โปรโมชั่น ufabet People with gastritis Because garlic has its

Eating a lot of nuts. Is something wrong?

   In addition to eating too many nuts menu, it can cause you to gain weight. Eating large amounts of nuts can also cause frequent farting. Because beans contain oligosaccharides (Oligosaccharide), which is a component of sugar that is difficult to digest. The small intestine cannot absorb it like other sugars,

Behaviors that damage your health

Behaviors that damage your health. Every person’s daily life is different. But has anyone noticed for themselves. That daily life can have a negative impact on their health? Let’s look at ยูฟ่าเบท some examples of bad behavior that most people tend to do. Not wearing sunscreen Applying

6 techniques how to eat well Can create collagen.

6 techniques to know how to eat well Can help create collagen.  Eating collagen for the best and safest results It is recommended that you choose short-chain collagen (hydrolyzed collagen) because it is collagen that has been hydrolyzed (hydrolysis) to a smaller size. Makes it easily absorbed by

“Dying hair coloring hair” often, how dangerous is it?

“Dying hair coloring hair” often, how dangerous is it? Especially with technology to change hair color is easy. and more convenient can done at the shop You can buy it and do it yourself at home. thus making the hair color change more satisfying “Dying hair – coloring hair” often,

Why “losing weight” is not successful

Why “losing weight” is not successful. Report from สมัคร ufabet Lack of motivation to lose weight  Doctors often hear that “I don’t know why I lose weight.” Have you ever been able to do something difficult and succeed because of your passion? Weight loss is the same.