Atletico Madrid first defeat of the season

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Diego Simeone has taken responsibility for Atletico Madrid‘s first defeat of the season, but also criticized the lack of focus on goal from set-pieces.

Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone took charge of Atletico Madrid’s first defeat of the season, whose bottom team Alaves opened the scoring 1-0, which the trainer. The Argentine also argued that the defensive line was distracted from the moment of conceding a goal from Victor LaGuardia’s strike early in the game. As reported by Marca on Saturday, 

Atletico Madrid first defeat of the season

‘This is the moment We always say there are bad times during the season,’ Simeone said after the Marca game. as a trainer We have to pass on what the team wants. I fully believe in my team. All the responsibility is on me not to help the team to show them what they want.’ According to ufabet

‘I don’t think it’s because of the system. It might be about intent. It doesn’t matter if there are 5 or 4 defenders, their chances appear when the team opens. The door came from a loss of concentration. When you concede a goal from a set-piece That’s because there is a weakness there. We will try to improve on that. Because we conceded two goals from set-pieces and they had a huge influence on the game,’ Simeone said.