Hasan Salihamidzic said he was happy with the team’s performance

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Bayern Munich sporting director Hasan Salihamidzic said he was happy with the team’s performance. and hope that every player People will continue to do good work like this.

The Tigers defeated Hoffenheim 4-0 in the Bundesliga on Saturday. Now leading the pack with 22 points from 9 games

“When our fans are here It’s a completely different feeling,” said the club’s sporting director. 

“We are very happy about that. Of course, for the players It’s also a great motivator. We are in very good physical condition, the boys have gained a lot of confidence.

“We have a good team with a lot of quality. The coach did a very good job. To manage a busy program with a lot of work to do. We want to continue like this. And keep playing the game the way we did before.”

“I won’t say anything about it, Jo will comment on it himself later. But people know our opinion and recommendation to get vaccinated. In Germany, however, there is no vaccination obligation. Everyone can decide it for themselves,” Salihamidzic said. “We recommend that people get vaccinated. To give everyone else a more normal life. But that’s a private thing.”

When asked if Bayern Munich could follow the lead of sports teams in the United States by applying pressure to athletes to get vaccinated, Salihamidzic said that was not possible in Germany.

As for how the club is monitoring the situation with its players. Salihamidizic trusts the club’s medical staff.

“That’s in the hands of our team doctor, Dr. Roland Schmidt. The contact with the health department is very good,” he said. According to report by ufabet