Lampard can understand Todd Bohly attacking the dressing room.

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Chelsea manager Frank Lampard has no problem with American owner Todd Bohly’s arrival in the dressing room. Following the home defeat to Brighton.

Earlier, British media reported that Bohly was disappointed with the team’s performance in the last match. That Brighton won 2-1 in the Premier League on Saturday. And decided to enter the players dressing room after the game to express dissatisfaction with what happened UFABET

According to the Telegraph, Bohly waited for Lampard to finish talking to his team. Before the owner of the American team began to criticize the team’s performance. Plus one player was severely reprimanded. 

Most recently, Lampard revealed ahead of Tuesday’s Champions League clash with Real Madrid that Boligh met himself and the players in the dressing room, according to reports. but understandable because they invested a lot in the club and is a person with high passion

“I had no problem with Bohly coming into the dressing room. In the past, there was criticism that the former team owner rarely came to watch games at the stadium. which is not always true.”

“If the owner of the team invests a lot It is their right to have what they want. It’s typical of modern competition. And it shows the passion I have,’ said Lampard.