The guru cracked the ball 1-0 Liverpool Handball Trent.

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Jamie Carragher and Ben have two Sky Sports analysts disagreeing about. Liverpool opening goal in the 6-1 thrashing of Leeds yesterday. Whether the timing of the action had a handball first or the VA team was right.

Goal problem rhythm 1-0 minutes 35 Trent Alexander-Arnold The ball was blocked by Junior Firpo. Who looking back at the footage, kicked the ball into the left arm of ‘TAA’. 

leading to the establishment of a pay plane for Mohamed Salah to run into the penalty area. After the ball and break it to the front of the goal UFABET

For this reason, there was a suspicion. Even though the ball hit the arm clearly. Why did the ‘Reds’ get the lead? 

Centre-back Brentford said:

“From the footage of the past match his arms raised. And I think it has to be handball. The movement towards the ball is handball.”

For ‘Carra’, a former Liverpool defender who played over 700 games. Disagreed that the timing was according to the rules and discretion of the referee. 

“It was questionable. For me when the ball hits Trent it looks like his arms are in place. He’s prepared to organize his body in case the ball touches. 

“Looking at his arm, disorganized, undoubtedly moved. This is because the ball hits itself. The movement is natural. The arm mover must move accordingly.”

“It also decided not to handball. There is no doubt about that.” 

  According to the league rules. This type of stroke is allowed if the ball hits the hand accidentally/unintentionally. where he is not a goal scorer It’s a clean play. So VAR supervisor Tony Harrington gave Liverpool a 1-0 lead at Elland Road. 

Something similar happened in West Ham’s 2-2 draw with Arsenal on Sunday. Taking a penalty led to the home team’s 1-2 crackdown, similar to Declan Rice’s handball stroke. Made by blocking Thomas Partey ‘s cross lift. But VAR supervisor John Bruegs sees it as unintentional.