Manchester United board when choose Ralph Rangnick, it must support until the end.

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Roy Hodgson former England national team manager, Crystal Palace, etc. Came out to defend the attack against Ralph Rangnick acting manager of Manchester United football team. That he is inherently a workaholic just give him a little more time. As for the Red Devils board when choosing this manager. It must support until the end.

Ralph Rangnick has been heavily criticized by the media for his performance at Old Trafford. Ranging from a disapproving 4-2-2-2 formation. Estranged relationship with the player to becoming Drama divides the kingdom within. UFABET Follow by skepticism that Deutsche’s skill is really cool or not ? 

However Hodgson has advised the United board to have confidence in the 63 – year-old. Because when it comes to hand selection It must give opportunities for people to work to show their skills.  

Hodgson told Sky Sports .

“ That guy is very serious about football. He ‘s a great guy wherever he goes ” 

“ I both understand and sympathize with anyone who finds themselves subject to attack. because I’ve had it before. 

“ I think one of Ralph ‘s problems is that people are trying to make a story. Plus the principles and methods of playing football that are difficult to live up to expectations – so the conversation between me and him is not like a question – I know some football principles that others do not know – ” 

“ What he knows is the need to build a good team. Let them play together, find a balance of attack – defense . ” 

“ Of course, I’m sure he knows that. about the player in the hand And about how difficult it is to manage subordinates , when managing Manchester United , they already know that they have to meet famous players , full of egos. Trying to bring everyone together in a balanced way has never been an easy task. ” 

“ This kind of thing takes time. ” 

Incidentally, the contract to hire Rangnick as a team manager at the end of this season Then switch roles to consultants. which the opportunity to expand is very small from the atmosphere in the current Aon Training Complex